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The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth  - Carrie Ryan Mary lives in a village surrounded by a fence in the middle of a forest. Outside the fence: zombies! Since zombie dystopian futures are my favorite kind of dystopian futures, this sounded perfect. However, I had some problems with the book.

The first part of this book, in which typical life in the village was explained, really drew me in and made me want to know what had brought about this situation. Sadly, though, after the first 70 pages or so, the 'adventure' portion of the book began, and I felt like the book lost some of its focus. Running from zombies can get a little dull to read about if the characters aren't developed into people who are, if not likable, at least sort of realistic. I wanted to at least like Mary, but I thought that she was too fixated on the ocean (at one point I thought, "Man, we all want to go to the ocean, Mary, but sometimes we have to focus on life's everyday drudgery, like going to work or NOT GETTING KILLED BY ZOMBIES."). And I found her lack of curiosity somewhat frustrating: she kept finding things that could've offered a lot of insight into why the zombie apocalypse was occurring, but she chose to just ignore them.

Also, I was disappointed that no explanations for anything were given in this volume. I didn't know this was the beginning of a series when I started it (although I should have suspected it was, because what isn't part of a series now?), but even with the promise of future volumes containing answers, I feel like I should have gotten something out of this one. A series isn't just one long book split into smaller parts, is it?

Overall, this was an ok read for a rainy afternoon, but it would've been a better read for a rainy afternoon after the whole series was published.